Online Backup – What You Need To Know? MyPCBackup Review

If you are in the market for an online backup service, MyPCBackup is one of the many choices available. This service is well-known in the United Kingdom and is making its way into the US market with increasing popularity. Like other online backup services, MyPCBackup provides users with an easy way to back up their computer data. A closer look with this MyPCBackup review reveals the advantages and disadvantages of the service, so you can make an informed choice.

MyPCBackup provides many of the standard features of most online backup services. These features include: automatic and scheduled backups, remote and mobile access, file syncing, file versioning, file search, and archiving. It is compatible with Windows operating systems and features industry-standard security features, including server mirroring, a feature that duplicates the server in another location so users won’t be left without access to their data in case one server goes down.

MyPCBackup has a user-friendly interface and the backing up process is fairly simple. You can customize which folders you want backed up and which ones you want to sync across devices. The restoration process is also user-friendly.

As far as support is concerned, MyPCBackup offers phone, email and live chat support, an important feature for those that need a strong customer support system. Their website also offers a wide-range of help topics and FAQs to assist customers in finding their own answers.

MyPCBackup has its advantages and disadvantages. In addition to the key features, the service offers unlimited amounts of storage, unlimited file sizes, and can be used on any number of computers. It is, however, not without its disadvantages. The biggest disadvantage to MyPCBackup is the lack of support of operating systems other than Windows. This makes it impossible for Mac and Linux users to try the service. It also does not allow file sharing, a standard feature of many backup services. It is also important to note that mobile access is only through the MyPCBackup mobile website – not through a mobile phone app

In the area of storage and pricing, My PC Backup earns some brownie points by offering unlimited amounts of storage regardless of which subscription plan is selected. Customers can choose from one of four subscription plans: a month-to-month plan, a six-month plan, a one-year plan, and a two-year plan.

When making the decision about My PC Backup, it is important to weigh the good against the bad. If you are a Windows user, want solid customer support, and have a need for plenty of space, this service is likely to fit your needs. However, if you are a Mac or Linux user or have a need to share files with other people, then this is not the service for you. MyPCBackup is suitable for the average Windows home user that is looking for a simple way to back up as much important data as they want.

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